Foenix Software was created by a programmer who became a kitchen manager and later worked for a caterer.

This history makes Foenix uniquely suited for not only caterers, but also restaurants or bar & grills. Many of the latter business have added catering services and have reaped great profits without having to purchase lots of china, flatware, glassware, etc.

It's easy to use.  Really!

Sure, we've all heard that before, but this time it's true! Foenix is built within the Microsoft® Office® suite, so the look & feel is identical to the computer programs that you're probably using already. Your data is not hidden at all - you can use Microsoft® Word® to send a mail-merge letter to your customers or Microsoft® Excel® to analyze your inventory. Have you found other software that allows you full access to your data? Go ahead use Microsoft® Access® to create a report that is completely unique to your needs and can't be found in any software package.

You can help design Foenix!

Because Foenix is currently in the final development stage, your suggestions can still be incorporated. We'd be happy to send the current release to you for evaluation and we'll seriously consider your comments and requests. In fact, we want to make this program satisfy the needs of small businesses.

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Foenix Software's Privacy Policy

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