Bill has quite a few recordings spanning his time in Minoqua through the present.  It's going to take several hundred hours of mastering to complete the collection.  Some was dubbed from cassette and is currently two enormous tracks with multiple songs!
Windows & Linux users can right-click on the links and select "Save As" to download and keep the song on your hard drive.
More songs will be posted as they become available.

Faintly Fevered This is one of the few recordings with other musicians.  Gabe played bass, Bill multitracked acoustic guitar and vocals, and an old cheesy Yamaha keyboard provided the synthesized drums.

Dilly Dally Chromosomes It is believed that this is an early version from Minoqua.

Romiette and JuleYo Wow, what wonderful story telling!

Can't remember the title! This was previously mistitled as "Sore Wounded Song".

Cabin Song Angela named this.

Space Cabin Bill enjoyed hearing Cabin Song mixed with space shuttle communications that were recorded on another track of Gabe's old 8-track open reel recorder, so it became a separate release!

Cloud Driving This one song describes Bill's love for Angela and Jesse!  He wrote this when they were very young and he was working in Colorado (changing oil in huge mining equipment).

What's the name? Darn it!  Gabe has always had difficulty remembering the title of this song.  Please contact him if you know the answer.