This was recorded with a pocket MP3 player which was not at the speakers' podium, so the audio is not great. Regretably, the first minute of Angela's words were not recorded, so track one begins "already in progress"
Here are the tracks of the service:
  1. Angela, daughter
  2. Cloud Driving
  3. Jesse, son
  4. Gabe (Bill Gaber), friend
  5. Cabin Song
  6. invitation to speak
  7. Jim Robarts, friend
  8. John Menz, friend
  9. Carol Menz, friend
  10. Jan Manser, former wife
  11. closing
  12. This Old Guitar by John Prine (copyright laws preclude it from being posted)
  13. afterwards
Feel free to download & save these tracks (Windows & Linux users can right-click on the link and choose SAVE AS).