Thanks for visiting!  I really enjoy receiving messages from everyone, so please feel free to send e-mail to me.

This site has a few purposes:
It fulfills my desire for a personalized and private e-mail address.
file transfers
This facilitates the sharing of files between my friends well beyond the capabilities of e-mailing attachments. Let me know if you need a FTP login from me.
Providing an easy method of contacting me.   Rather than telling someone my e-mail address, I can simply invite them to my name dot "me".
"Gravity" memorial
The musical accomplishments and memorial service audio needed to be publicly posted of my departed friend Bill Dodd.   He touched so many souls before his passing and many requested access to anything available.
I'd like to thank everyone for our collaborations, both professional and personal.   Working with others towards common goals not only improves one's own quality of life but benefits and encourages those who observe our efforts.   I'm grateful for the talents bestowed upon me and for new skills yet to come from young & old, local & foreign, techie & humanitarian.

Let's share an exchange!   You teach me something and I'll help you with something of your choice using my experience in database programming, cooking, electrical construction, nuclear security, or retail operations.

my technical resumé

my huge resumé  - everything since high school when I worked in a canning factory, bussed tables, cooked, portered a clothing store, and washed fig trees (no kidding - leaf by leaf by leaf!)

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