3 Placebos is Binge in a vocal-drums-bass format. There are recordings from 2000-2005 and maybe I'll post those if anyone desires them. What is presented is from a reunion at Megatone Studios on 23 APril 2019.
All Good Children (a very preliminary mix!)

Cobblestone Creeps (an extremely preliminary "dailies" mix!)

Binge never did any serious recording, but we usually rolled tape during practice in accordance with Tommy's mantra "Waste tape, not music".   These are a few MP3 samples and more may be posted so please check back!
Gardening At Night

Sympathy for the Devil

Go Straight To Hell Boys

Chucky McClain

Closed for the Season

Bathroom Poet

Always Alone

Falls Into Place

Four Voices

Neighborhood Hood
All Over The World

It's All Over Now

War Song

Always Alone

Hardly Getting Over It

Tom Xistris, the first drummer with whom this bassist ever really grooved, does much more!
One Step Behind

One Step Behind 1st daily

Foolish Pleasure is one of Steve's former bands
and they made the following excellent songs available in WMA format.
Already Gone

Broken Glass

Old Man River

I've had the true privilege to play with a man known as Slim.
Of course, which musician doesn't know a guitarist named Slim?
Omukakee (RH), please get in touch with me!
Feeling Alright

a Texas shuffle

Stormy Monday